A Royal Affair

A Royal Affair

Mme Beaudrier, the wife of a Parliamentary Senator, hurls a pastry at visiting King Joan IV of Cerdagne, sparking off a series of farcical events involving all levels of the government and their mistresses.

The Carnivals

The Carnivals 1980

Film version of the operetta with the same name, based on the comedy "Karnavalet e Korçës" by Spiro Çomora. This is the first musical comedy made in Albania.

The Temptation of Victoria

The Temptation of Victoria

Filmmaker Michael Shamberg, who directed a number of seminal music videos for New Order during their heyday, here revisits a classic New Order song with the help of singer Victoria Bergsman of Swedish band The Concretes. The story is elegantly simple: A woman goes record shopping, comes home, puts her new purchase on the turntable, and starts dancing to it. Titled The Temptation of Victoria, Shamberg's video did not make it on to New Order's official video retrospective DVD, making it a true rarity.

Krieg der töne

Krieg der töne 1988

The 12 year old Ina struggle to become a great pianist. Success depends on the music competition "Ein Herz für Mozart". Ina is sent by her mother's command to piano lessons. The piano teacher Holger produces in his free time experimental music from sound collages, but can not prevail with his works in the professional music business. Ina takes a liking to the sound collages of Holger and flees from her domineering mother to him.

La Cenerentola

La Cenerentola 1988

Gioacchino Rossini's sparkling version of the Cinderella story comes live from the Salzburg Festival with Ann Murray and Francisco Araiza as Cinderella and the Prince. Director Michael Hampe envisions La Cenerentola less as a fairy tale and more as a gently satirical comment on the nature of society and the relationship between people. Conductor Riccardo Chailly's masterly display of the Rossini style is visually matched by the opulent and elegant set designs by Mauro Pagano. 162 minutes.

Snowy Shaw: The Liveshow

Snowy Shaw: The Liveshow

25 years of madness in the name of metal. Snowy Shaw plays all his favorite songs - by all his former bands. More than 3 witching hours of the much awaited live DVD/CD set with Snowy Shaw and his freaky fiends.

Dread Beat an' Blood

Dread Beat an' Blood 1979

Profile of Linton Kwesi Johnson whose poetry is rooted very strongly in feelings of marginalisation and alienation found within urban black populations in the UK. Johnson, born in Jamaica in 1952, has deliberately chosen to align himself with the oral poetic tradition of the West Indies, in which the poet is not isolated and introspective, but has a definite social role as a commentator and interpreter, as a public voice around which people can gather. As he says in the film, "The spoken word has more immediacy: it reaches more people, than written poetry could ever do." The concerns of his poetry are the concerns of the community within which he moves: the young black working-class people of inner city London who, mainly unemployed, are disaffected and disillusioned. […] The film follows Johnson as he read his poems in a school, works at the Keskidee centre, records an LP, and recites at a march in Bradford. […] (British Universities Film & Video Council)

The Elders:  Hoolie

The Elders: Hoolie

1. Only Good News 2. Common Man 3. Building a Boat 4. Luck o' the Irish 5. Whiskey on the Fire 6. Please Come Home 7. Wanderin' Life and Times 8. Seven Years 9. Appalachian Paddy 10. Station #9

Al Jarreau - Ohne Filter Germany

Al Jarreau - Ohne Filter Germany 1994

Near perfect quality Pro-shot broadcast recording of Al Jarreau, recorded live at the Ohne Filter Extra, during 1994. 1. Mas Que Nada (6:20) 2. Roof Garden (5:33) 3. Your Song (6:03) 4. Summertime (7:38) 5. You Don't See Me (7:04) 6. Take Five (8:34) 7. Says (3:59) 8. We're In This Love Together (4:42) 9. C.C. Rider (7:45) 10. Credits (0:46)