Happy End

Happy End 1989

Father goes on a honeymoon with his American wife, but the children go along with them.

Video Toy Chest

Video Toy Chest 1990

Promotional video that came from local Child World/Children's Palace toy store chains in a box that included a bag of Krunchers potato chips. The video features a mild plot involving mostly all children who are running a video production studio. It also includes a curly haired rapping man named "Robo-T". The video is a giant commercial with live skits in between as a fun bit until the next commercial.


Talisman 1983

A high school student becomes a talisman for everybody...

How I Got Made

How I Got Made

Set in 1981, Gaby, a nine year old girl, comes up with a unique way to deal with the school bully after she watches 'The Godfather' with her Dad.


Composition 1970

A story about the unity of children's imagination with the perception of the unique beauty of the surrounding nature...

When a film was being shot

When a film was being shot 1981

A film is being shot and the cast is mostly comprised of children. Little Genti is stressed because his parents are getting divorced.